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The Darby Project Market Tote Embroidered with The Darby Project Logo

The Darby Project Market Tote Embroidered with The Darby Project Logo
This well-constructed market tote is not only sturdy - it can store completely flat and is super easy to clean!
Embroidered with The Darby Project Logo the market tote is perfect for every Ranger Family adventure. The tote measures at 18"x11.5"x9".  
The lightweight aluminum frame is removable! The tote's handle is padded and the bottom is reinforced with rubber feet. There are two mesh pockets inside the tote for quick access to necessities like a cell phone, sunscreen, or sunglasses.
Proceeds from the purchase of this item will directly support The Darby Project and its mission.
Ranger Wife & Task Force Ranger are blessed to partner with The Darby Project.  
The Darby Project's Mission:
To facilitate a successful transition for Army Ranger veterans from active military service to a civilian life filled with hope and purpose. RLTW!
Is a mission near and dear to our hearts.
Proceeds from the purchase of items from this collection will  directly support The Darby Project and its mission.


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