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About us

Ranger Wife, LLC is the proverbial baby of a Ranger Wife.  My husband served in the 75th Ranger Regiment for over 6 years.  While he continues to serve at the needs of the Army, he has shown me that you can take the Ranger out of Ranger Regiment, but you can never take Regiment out of the Ranger.

 I wanted to meet the needs of the Wives of the 75th Ranger Regiment with a line of clothing developed by women for women. I design all items to be stylish, comfortable, and affordable with the ultimate goal of displaying the love and pride the wives have for the men of the 75th Ranger Regiment.

I have spent the majority of my life as a military brat, and now an Army wife, but the wives and soldiers of the 75th Ranger Regiment are top notch.  From supporting each other through deployments, trainings, Ranger School, re-cycling Ranger school, to simply sitting, watching homecoming videos, and balling; I could not have been blessed with a better group of men and women to welcome me to the world of being a military spouse.  You set the bar high.  Rangers truly do Lead the Way.

We plan to offer a full line of feminine and eventually family Ranger Apparel such as: Yoga Pants, Flowy Tank Top Shirts, T-Shirts, Jackets, Collared Shirts, Ranger Panties, and many other products for the wives, girlfriends, and mothers of Rangers.

Thank you for your support and THANK You to the brave men and the supporting families of the 75th Ranger Regiment!  You are ALWAYS in our prayers!