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This site was created to provide stylish,  & affordable clothing to the wives, mothers, and girlfriends of the 75th Ranger Regiment. We've since expanded our offerings and we are SO PLEASED with how well we've been received.
During our six years with Ranger Regiment my husband would consistently come home with new Ranger apparel but very rarely was there any stylish clothing options for me. I started this business to provide the wives with stylish clothing options for everyday wear.  While the line is starting with tank tops, and athletic capri pants, we're looking to continually expand our offerings as soon as fiscally feasible.
Ranger Wives is proud to offer made-to-order Ranger Wife Apparel.  Designed by Ranger Wives for Ranger Wives.
Thank you for visiting us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
God Bless & Thank you!  
RangerWifeCEO@gmail.com or Tiffany@RangerWife.com


***We now do custom orders!  Please email David or I with your custom request. We'll design it and work with you to get the best product at the best value for you!  FRG Fundraiser?  Ranger - related philanthropy looking to raise funds?  We can and WANT to help! ***